Get Published on Google Play – Open A Google Play Developer Account

Opening a Google Play developer account for your Android app is extremely simple with this tutorial.

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Before you publish your apps to Google Play, you’ll need to open a Google Play developer account. You can simply search for Google Play publisher account, and in this case I’m using Yahoo, just as kind of a joke. The first search that comes up is: play.google.com. If you look here we’ve got: /apps/publish/signup. And that’s what you want, the Google Play developer console. Before you create your developer account, you will have to have a google account. And when you’re ready to go, come back here and sign in. Once you log in, look at the top of the screen and you’ll see your progress as you go through the developer creation process.

So we’ve signed in with our google account, next we need to accept the developer agreement, we’ll need to pay the registration fee, and then complete our account details. On the first screen all we need to do is click that we agree with the terms and conditions, and continue to payment.

Next, we’ll set up our google wallet, which is Googles payment system, and keep in mind that you can pay with the standard credit or debit card. So we’ll add our name and our zip code, add our credit card number, our expiration date, the security code on the back of the card, and then we’ll choose whether the billing address is the same as the name and home location. If you have for example a different business location and home location you may want to uncheck this, fill in your business or home location, and then we can choose whether we want google wallet to send special offers to us. And I’ll uncheck that. Click, Accept and Continue and lastly, you’ll need to complete your account details.

Once you’ve done so, you can log into your developer account by going to: play.google.com/apps/publish. This is the same link we went to when we began our sign-up process. When you log in your console will look like this—minus all of these apps—because this will be likely your very first app you’re publishing.