Get Connected – Add Web Pages and Web Links

Connect your app and website for the ultimate mobile experience.

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

Let’s get connected! In this lesson we’ll learn how to add web pages and web links to your app. Let’s start by adding a web page. We’ll open up the app pages and under Monetization, you’ll find Web Page. Now, the Web Page allows you to enter one URL, so usually the home page of your site. So, let’s do that. Now, you can choose to have this open in an external browser or open right within the app. I’ve chosen this website because it’s a mobile-ready website. You can see that everything is nicely aligned for a mobile device. Click on any of these images or links and it will take you somewhere on the site. You also have your navigation right at the top with a drop-down menu. So, we’ll look through this, and it looked very nice and aligned for a mobile device.

Now, not all websites are mobile ready. You may open your website inside this app and see that it looks more like this. So here you see we’ve got a scroll bar that goes from left to right, back and forth, so essentially it’s displaying a full-sized web page that’s not mobile ready, and the user’s going to have to slide back and forth to try to figure out where they want to go within the site. So you can see the advantage of making your site a mobile-ready site.

Next, let’s take a look at Web Links. We’ll talk about how we set this up in a second, but first, let’s talk about the importance of offering your website right within your app. The idea is that your app is a one-stop shop for anything and everything a customer would want to know or use within your business. Como makes that really easy to do. Just like you want to supply social channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram within your app, you also want to give the customer the opportunity to visit your actual website. Now, we just looked at a way to take them out to your website, and again if your website is not mobile ready, perhaps that’s not the best option for you.

But Como has a nice, easy way to essentially create your own website right within your app. So what we have here, is the Web Links app page. So, you can add a header image, and that’s this one up top. You can add a title, and we have Eat at Joe’s, and now you can add Link Types. You can add text links or image links, and right here we have an image link that links to joesrestaurant.com. And we have a text link that says, Our Menu. Just add it right here, and we take them to joesrestaurant.com/menu. In order to change the type, you simply click this image or the T for text. And if you want to add another link just click, Add Link Here. So now when the user taps on an image or a text link, it’ll take them out to that exact page on your site. So, you can use the Web Links app page to create a custom web site right inside your app.