Get Hosting – Add Events to Your App

Your Facebook or Google events just got more engaging. Encourage your customers to participate in your business events through your app.

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

Let’s get hosting! In this lesson we’re going to learn how to add events to our apps. Let’s click to add a new app page, and under the Social tab, we’ll find Events. Now here you can change the icon, you can change the page name, and when you’re ready to add some of your event content you have some useful choices down here. In this lesson we’ll learn how to use Facebook Events, so we’ll click on that, and you need to find a page name or URL where your events are located.

To add Events to your app you will need to use some sort of third-party service in which you are adding your events. What the Events app page is doing is pulling in that information from whatever third-party service you are using, and displaying that in a very nice and user-friendly way inside the app. So let’s take a look at a Facebook page that has Events. And, you’ll see at the top that we have a few options here, one of them is Events. So we’ll click on that, and we’ll just go up to the URL and grab that. So we’ll copy our URL, come back to Como, and paste that in here. Click somewhere outside of that. This is how upcoming events will be displayed as well. And that’s how easy it is to add Events.

Now, why would you add events? You could be a restaurant hosting a wine tasting or some other special kind of event that could be held just every once in a while, whenever you want to or it could be a monthly event. Certainly if you were a band you would want to use Events, so you could tell your fans where you’re going be playing next. You could be setting up a booth at some sort of fair or business expo—really, anything that has a date, a time, and location where your customers can come find you.