Get Found – Add Contact, Call Us, Email Us, and Location Details

Make it easier for your clients to contact you through business contact forms and customer feedback.

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

Let’s get found! In this lesson we’ll learn how to add contact details, the Call Us button, Email Us, and location details. Let’s start with Call Us. We’ll bring up a new app page, under the Contact tab we’ll find, Call Us. Now this couldn’t be any more simple—we just enter our phone number and the customer will have the option for a One-click-to-call this number. They don’t even need to dial the phone number. Did you know that in a recent survey it was found that 70% of mobile search users engage with a click-to-call function? Not only that, but over 40 million phone calls, on average, are generated by Google ads. That’s 40 million per month. So you see the importance of having an easy way for your customers to give you a call.

Next, let’s add contact details. We’ll go to the Contact tab and choose Contact Us. Under Contact Us you’ll enter a title, a subtitle, and a description. You can add an image, such as a company logo or a picture of your store, and you can choose which Contact Info you want to enter. You can add email, your business URL, your physical address, and a phone number. Once you’ve filled in all of your business’ contact details, the Contact Us section will show up like this. You have another option for one-click-to-call, email right from this page, or you can visit Joe’s website. You can also automatically pull up this business in Google Maps.

Next, let’s add an Email Us app page. Bring up a new app page. Go to the Contact tab. And click, Email Us. This page is quite simple. You simply enter an email address, and a one-click-to-email button will allow your customers to contact you by email, very easily.

Lastly, let’s add our business’ location details. So we’ll go to the contact tab—for this one we’ll choose, Map—and here you need to fill out two fields: the location name and the address. So, we’ll have Joe’s Restaurant and Joe’s Restaurant’s address. Once our address is inputted, Google Maps will automatically give you options for known addresses to make sure that you’re choosing the correct address. If your business is not registered with Google Maps, we highly suggest that you go out and do that today. So let’s click our address, and now we see when we click the map’s button, we have directions right to Joe’s address. And the user can even use their info navigation to be guided turn-by-turn, directly to your location. If your business has several branches, you can easily add them with the, Add Another Location, button, and they will all display on the map.