Get Audio – Add Audio to Your App

Your customers are listening—learn how to share your message through mobile podcasts and audio playlists. A great solution for musician apps!

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

Let’s get audio! In this lesson we’re going to learn how to add audio to our app. Let’s pull up another app page. Under the Media tab we’ll find Audio. We have several options for adding audio, including Soundcloud, MediaRSS, and creating a Custom playlist.

Let’s start by adding a MediaRSS. This could be any playlist of music that you have online or even a podcast for your business. Let’s enter a Podcast URL. Now in our emulator we see that this podcast is brought up, and it has the latest episode. We can choose a Refresh Rate if we add content regularly. You can refresh as often as five minutes or you can refresh once per day. If you set it to Auto, it will refresh occasionally, and that’s great for those of you who don’t put out that much audio content. So we can order by the Default, Newest first, or Oldest first. And we can also rename our Playlist.

You can also connect to a Soundcloud account. If you add a Soundcloud account, you can choose Playlist, then connect with your Soundcloud account, just make sure it’s public. Como allows you to enter your username and password or sign in via Facebook or Google. Once you’ve connected, your Soundcloud account will be displayed inside your app.

So what are the benefits of adding audio to your app? If you’re a musical artist, the benefit is obvious. You want your followers to be able to listen to your music, whether that be just a snippet of your songs or to give them entire songs in order to encourage them to buy more. If you’re a business hosting a podcast can often be a good idea, and helps drive traffic to your website and drive understand of your product or service.