Get Visual – Add Videos and Photos To Your App

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Let’s get visual! In this lesson we’ll learn how to add videos and photos to our app. Did you know that on Facebook, photos perform better for getting likes than even text, video, and links? So you can see a strong relationship between good photos of your company or product and customer loyalty.

Let’s learn how to add photos to our app. You have lots of features for pulling in photos that you already have up on the web. In this case let’s take a look at Facebook. All you need to do is add your page URL or ID, in this case we’ll use Joe’s Restaurant. Once your page URL appears in the app emulator, you get to choose the album type. So if you have multiple albums, you can choose from one of these albums. You can change the tab name, in this case we’ll say, October 9th, and let’s go ahead and add a second photo album. So we’ll use the same URL—in this case we’ll use Timeline Photos—and we’ll say, Timeline.

If you scroll down, let’s use the Design feature on this app page. So you can see we’ve got various ways that we can display our images—each one of them looks very cool in its own right—so let’s choose this one. Go ahead and click on an image, and it’ll take us out to that post.

Next, we’ll learn how to add videos to our app. Did you know that viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them? That’s twice as much time consuming content on any given webpage. And perhaps more importantly, viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. So you see the importance of adding visual media to your app to showcase your service or product.

So, let’s add a YouTube playlist. With YouTube you have several options. You can choose from adding your channel, adding a set of your favorite videos, adding a YouTube search, or adding one of your YouTube playlists. Let’s choose Playlist. We simply add our username—a list of your playlists will come up, we’ll choose one—and now you can sort by Newest, Most Viewed, or by Rating. We can add a Playlist Name, and if we like, we can add a second playlist or add our YouTube channel. So, let’s add our YouTube channel. Choose Channel, our username, and now we’re going to add Ordering by Most Viewed. So now when we check our emulator, we’ve got a Unity playlist and one called, Playlist. If we change this name to, let’s say, Our Channel, now we’ll have a Playlist and Our Channel.