Get Social – Add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Your App

Make your app social by integrating your business’ Twitter and Instagram accounts and your Facebook business page, ensuring your customers never miss an update again.

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

Let’s get social! In this lesson you’re going to learn how to add Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to your app. One of the great things about Como is that you can add all of your social media accounts all in one place, so when your user wants to know what’s going on in your business or you want to reach out to your customers, they can get all of that information in one place: your mobile app. So, how might we use social media accounts to communicate with our customers? Using our Joe’s Restaurant example, Joe can send out a tweet or a Facebook post about drink specials or menu specials that are coming up later in the week. A retail store might let its customers know about a special sale that’s coming up. The possibilities really are endless.

So, how do we add these social media accounts to our app? Well first, let’s find the Facebook feature. So we’ll click our Plus button, and we see Facebook right here, but what I’m going do is click on Social, and that’ll bring up all our Social Media options. We see we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, News (which is an RSS feed), and Events.

Let’s click Facebook. Now we can choose to change the page name, if we like, but Facebook seems like a very good thing to call it, so we’ll move on down to the Facebook URL. So, you’ll want to go to your Facebook page. Your URL will look something like this: Facebook.com/JoesRestaurant. So we’ll copy that, and come back and paste it in. And now we see our Facebook feed has come up on the emulator. Next, we can choose the type. We can have either the feed or your posts. And lastly, we can change the tab name. That’s because we can add more than one piece of your Facebook page to your app. So in this case, let’s leave this one as Feed, and we’ll keep the tab name Feed. If we come down here and click the Add Another Tab button, we can put in our Facebook URL, change this one to Posts, change our tab name, and we’ll call this one Posts for simplicity sake. Now, when you look at the emulator you’ve got two different options—you can go to the Facebook area and click on either Feed or Posts.

Let’s quickly talk about the difference between a post and a feed. A post is a piece of content that you’ve created and posted to your Facebook wall, while a newsfeed is a little bit different. A newsfeed contains everything that you have posted, as well as anything anyone else has posted that you like or are friends with or groups that you follow on Facebook. It’ll show things like: status updates, photos, videos, links, app activity, and likes from these people and organizations.

Next, let’s add a Twitter account. We’ll click our Plus button, go to the Social area, and click on Twitter. We can change our page name again, and this time let’s go ahead and change our icon. So, we’ve got Twitter, I like the bird rather than the T, so I’m going to click on the bird, click OK. Now, we see when Twitter shows up we’ve got the bird icon. So next, we need to figure out whether we want to add content as a user, we can add a search, or we can add a list. Let’s start with User. So for your Twitter account, you want to use your @username. So, if we go to Joe’s Restaurant, we’ll notice here that @JoesRestaurant is their Twitter handle. So, we’ll go in here, put in @JoesRestaurant, and then we can give it a tab name. The tab name will only appear if we have more than one Twitter tab. So let’s go ahead and Add Another Tab. So here, let’s try Search. What this does is allows for a Twitter search for a specific topic or hashtag. In this case, let’s use a hashtag, #joesrestaurant. And this time I’m going to name my tab—actually I’m going to name it, the hashtag. Let’s go up here and now change this tab name, as well, to Twitter Feed. We’ll take a look at it, and then we’ve got our two tabs. We’ve got our Twitter feed and our #joesrestaurant.

Lastly, let’s add an Instagram account. Go to Social and Instagram. And here we need our Instagram username. So, let’s go find our Instagram username, and it’s going to be called, joespub. And we’ll see what we get. And here again, you can add another tab, and add another Instagram account. And we can name our tabs, similarly to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s always a great idea to use social media to engage with your customers. Como makes it really simple to do this, but the engagement is up to you. So learn how to use social media wisely, and your apps’ users will thank you.