Get Repeat Customers – Create App Coupons and Loyalty Cards

It’s time to trade in those old paper and plastic loyalty cards and coupons. Create a coupon, along with a business loyalty card to keep your customers coming back for more!

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

In this lesson we’re going to talk about adding coupons and loyalty cards. Digital coupons and loyalty cards are much more efficient than using paper coupons and plastic cards for a couple of reasons. People rarely leave their house without their smartphone, so that means their loyalty card is always with them. And when using coupons, you can actually measure its success and see the profits this app helps generate.

Why would you even use coupons or loyalty cards? Because they can drive more traffic to your store, and they can also increase sales. You can also leverage the social coupon trend that’s popular right now, through sites like groupon.com, by offering a buy one get one free deal. And lastly, you can offer exclusive deals to customers who have downloaded your app. That helps with customer retention or people who actually keep your app on their phone, and it gives customers a reason to download your app in the first place.

First, let’s add a coupon. Coupons show up under the Recommended tab, but they’re also under the Monetization tab. So, we’ll click Coupons. Now, here you can change the page name if you want to-- Coupon seems good to me. Let’s create a coupon.

At the top you can see that you have three options: you have a Percentage Discount or a dollar discount, you have a Buy and Get, so you can have your buy one get one free offer, and then you can create a Custom Offer. Let’s create a Buy one Get one Free Offer. First, we’re going to create a title for this coupon, then we’ll enter a brief description, any disclaimers if you have any, and then we’ll move on to Savings. Here you can say, “If you buy one, you get one free”. Or you could say, “If you buy six, you get one free”. It’s totally up to you. We’ll go with Buy one Get one Free.

Next, you can set your valid dates. We’ll set that from today until the end of the month, on the 31st. If your store is open 24 hours a day or it’s an online store, you can click the Always Open checkbox. If not, you can limit your hours by saying from 9:00 until 5:00. Then we’ll check Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Click Add. Now you can enter your Full Deal Details, so give them a little more explanation about what this coupon is about. And lastly, you can enter the URL for any Terms of Service or Terms of Agreement that you have regarding your coupons. Once you’re done with your coupon, you click Add.

Now, in the real-time emulator, you’ll get to see what your coupon looks like. And there’s an image that’s inserted here for you if you don’t enter that yourself. Let’s go ahead and edit it and put an image in. Over on the right side here’s an image. We’ll click Edit. We’ll go find a coupon image. Next, you want to crop the image. Then click, OK. Now when we click Update, our coupon image shows up.

Now, how do customers actually use this? Well, since the coupon is on their smartphone, they’ll simply open the coupon inside the app and hand that to the cashier. The cashier will press the Get Coupon button, the coupon will show it’s claimed, and the cashier can apply the appropriate discount.

Next, let’s add a loyalty card. Let’s find another slot, open another app page, and we’ll pick Loyalty Cards. Now remember the great thing about Como app’s loyalty cards is that loyalty cards keep your customers coming back to your store, If you give them an offer that says, if they buy nine and get one free, lots of customers are going to keep coming back until they get that free meal, or free drink, or whatever it is that you’re offering. And unlike plastic loyalty cards, which are often left at home, since this loyalty card is on their smartphone, customers will never leave it at home, and they’ll actually use it.

Let’s create a Loyalty Card. We’ll Create New Card. Here you can choose the number of stamps. I’m going to say, if they buy 9, they get 1 FREE, so they’ll get their 10th one free. You can change the icon if you want, then you can change the text for the final freebie. And that will be for Slot 10. You can also add a mid-card freebie, so let’s say at Slot 5, the freebie name you enter here (let’s say, Free Drink) will be the name of the freebie in this slot. And when customers open their app and check their loyalty card, they’ll be asked to hand their device to the cashier to get their free drink.

Now down in the details of the card, you can add the name of the specific loyalty card. That’s helpful because you can have multiple cards. Next, you can add a brief description. The Unlock Code is the code that your cashier is going to enter to stamp the card. This unlock code will not be shown to customers. Next, you can add any details or disclaimers that you want, and you can set a daily limit. Let’s say, they can buy four per day. You can set your valid dates. And lastly, you can add two images for your design: your card header and your card background. So, we’ll add a Card Header, crop our image, and a Card Background. Now, be careful when you click the Add button, because at that point you can’t go back and change any of the stamp information. That information is set. So, let’s click Add, and check out a preview. Now, when we click number one to redeem our first stamp, here’s where the code is going to be entered by the cashier. They’ll stamp the card, and that’ll be registered on the user’s app.

Now that you know just how easy it is to add coupons and loyalty cards to your app, make sure you market this to your customers. These days the ease of use of having a loyalty card or coupons directly on your smartphone is a big selling point for a lot of us who are very busy people, who want to use coupons, but don’t have the time to clip them out of the paper. And want to use loyalty cards, but don’t want 40 or 50 cards in our wallet. Take advantage of these incredible features of Como, tell your customers about them, and start making more money.