The Business:

Seacoast United, a local sports organization in New Hampshire, is a community staple, offering soccer, field hockey, and baseball programs to athletes of all ages. Because their clubs participate in year-round classes and tournaments, the needs of the athletes, parents, and coaches—especially regarding game-day logistics— are vital to the business.

The Challenge:

Kelly, the Executive Assistant and Webmaster of Seacoast United, wanted to incorporate these needs into one centralized location. With her busy daily schedule she couldn't devote much time to making an app. She also had no experience in app building, so it was essential to find a quick, easy solution for creating her multi-functional app.


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quote image The feedback has been great! Lots of compliments on ease of use, the content, and the ability to have all the information they need at their fingertips."

Kelly, Seacoast United

The Solution:

After searching various websites and app builders, Kelly finally found the perfect solution to all her app needs: a do-it-yourself app creator that doesn't require any technical skills on her part. "Having a tool [like Swiftic] to assist in building an app for multiple platforms, and where you don't have to stress over every line of code, is such a relief," she explained.

Kelly was able to centralize her information by creating the Seacoast United Tournaments app, featuring field locations, first-aid information, tournament vendors, schedules, events, and even an online shop that sells Seacoast United merchandise. It was the much-needed place for Seacoast's users to collect all their necessary information.

The Results:

Eight months after its launch, the Seacoast Tournaments app is a success with over 3,000 installs to date. The app's user base continues to grow, as Seacoast United promotes it via the Seacoast website, email list, and Facebook page. Kelly has been so impressed with this app's popularity that she recently created a second app specifically for Seacoast's fans and partners.

The SUSC (Seacoast United Sports Club) app complements the Seacoast Tournaments app by showcasing local accommodations, restaurants, and sponsors, as well as offering discounts for activities taking place near the games. By offering two separate apps serving two different purposes, this athletic association continues to offer each group of customers a product that meets its needs—a two-pronged mobile approach that is proving successful.

Special Features



The latest tournament information, such as game dates and times



Maps, directions, and pictures for all tournament locations



Real-time score updates from your favorite teams



Apparel, accessories, training gear, and more

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