Louisiana boutique cashes in with a mobile app that gives customers what they want, when they want it: digital loyalty cards, previews of new items, and notifications with special offers.

loyalty cards


with Loyalty Cards returned within 2 weeks

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bump in storefront visits

How They Did It

The Fleurty Ginger Boutique, run by husband-and-wife-team Christy and Russell White, sells plus-sized women's clothing throughout Louisiana and beyond. Even with a store, traveling truck, and website, they wanted a mobile app to engage customers wherever they were. The couple picked Swiftic for its combination of price and tools, especially the Loyalty Cards. The customers love them—within two weeks of getting one, 48% came back to the store and made a purchase. "No more lost and forgotten paper cards," says Russell, "customers just pull out their phone. To them, the app is the card."

How they did it

How You Can Do It Too

A mobile app for your business lets you reach out and communicate with your customers. For example, Russell highly recommends using coupons and push notifications, all available through the Swiftic platform. After adding a new coupon in the app, he sends a push notification to alert customers about it. Here are more tips from Russell to help you drive more business with your app:


Promote Your App

Once you create your app, get your customers to install it. Promote it on your Facebook page, in your store, and by email.

easy shop

Make It Easy to Shop

We plug our website right into the app so our customers can easily browse and shop.

be patient

Be Patient Starting Out

Take your time to evaluate your needs. Remember that it takes time to go live in app stores; there are lots of moving pieces.


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Since we have flexible store hours, customers say they have started checking the app before heading to the store. They love it!"

Russell and Christy White

The Fleurty Ginger Boutique

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