Specialty sportswear retailer woos customers with exclusive in-app contests, mobile loyalty cards, and push notifications that bring customers back to their favorite shop.

increase in total sales


increase in total sales—online and in physical stores

unique email addresses collected


unique email addresses collected for each in-app contest

customers spend more


of customers with the app spend more than before

How They Did It

Chris Torti wanted to attract new customers to his sportswear business, and an app was the obvious choice for the task. "Everyone has a smartphone now, and an app is an easy way for small businesses to connect with customers," Torti says. He chose Swiftic because of its focus on small business. The technology was easy to learn, and his app allowed him to compete with the "big guys" in the industry. Chris hit the jackpot with Swiftic's Forms feature, which he used to promote his app, attract new customers, and increase sales. He runs in-app contests (like raffling off a pair of Oakley sunglasses) in which customers can only participate if they "download the app and submit their email address through the form." For his last contest, Chris says proudly, he received 200 unique email addresses.

How they did it

How You Can Do It Too

Chris suggests thinking of your app as a way to say "thank you" to customers for giving you real estate on their phone. His experience has taught him that an app is a great way to give generous rewards. And that rewards mean loyalty. He shares these tried-and-tested tips to help small business owners like you reap the benefits of your app:

incentivize app downloads

Incentivize App Downloads

The best way to drive downloads is to create a coupon or in-store discount that is only available through the app. For example, customers receive a $10-off coupon only if they download the app.

communicate with customers

Communicate with Customers

Ask for customer feedback both in your store and via your app. "Listening" to feedback creates a personal connection with the customer and ultimately, promotes loyalty. Push notifications are another excellent way to engage customers in effective and personal ways or advertise new coupons to your customers.

get creative with forms

Get Creative with Forms

Forms are a great way to get new customers and communicate with existing ones. We run contests to get our customers to use our app and submit their email address. Make sure your forms are easy to access—make the icon bold and put it on the first page of your app.


Chris Torti quote

Swiftic makes mobile technology more accessible to small businesses, which allows them to compete—in real time—with large competitors."

Chris Torti


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