How to Create an App

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Let's get our very own Swiftic app. In this lesson, we'll learn how to create your app from scratch for the first time, using the Swiftic app builder. On the homepage, you'll see a button here that says CREATE MY APP. It's also in the upper right hand corner. We'll click that button, but let's scroll down first and check out how the custom apps work for Swiftic.

Swiftic allows you to choose a specific type of business—let's say a restaurant or an education business—and Swiftic will automatically add certain app page types for you, to offer you a pre-customized app. For example, if you're creating a restaurant app, Swiftic will automatically add that features that allow you to create a menu or order food online. Keep in mind that you can always start your app from scratch or choose a pre-created template like restaurants and simply add, edit, or delete any app pages that you want to change. So you can start with a template, but you can always create your app in any manner you see fit for your business.

So let's click CREATE MY APP. Next we'll add our app name. We'll click the next button. Next we'll choose the type of app we want. In this example we'll use restaurants. We'll click next. Next we'll add our Facebook page name and that is so we can pull in some Facebook content right off the bat and your app will actually be preloaded with some of your Facebook content. If you don't have a Facebook page, you click here and you can enter your website URL. If you don't even have a website, you can click here and we'll just get started with the app.