Mobile App Analytics

Nature Versus Nurture

In the animal world, there are many species that don’t nurture their young. Sea turtles, for example, never even see their progeny, burying their eggs on the beach and heading back out to sea. Their babies fend for themselves from the moment they hatch.

In the mobile app world, many tools take the sea turtle approach. Your app, once created and released into the wild of the marketplace, is left to fend for itself. Unprotected and unmonitored, it can easily fall victim to those predators of the mobile app ecosystem — misdirected marketing, unanswered input, market neglect, and — worst of all — the merciless uninstall.

Swiftic believes in nurturing mobile apps, not in the raw survival-of-the-fittest environment that other app creation tools provide. That’s why Swiftic provides not only a world-class, code-free mobile app development platform, but also top-tier mobile app analytics.

App Analytics: Keeping an Eye on Your Baby

App analytics are the equivalent of a baby monitor. They let you see in detail and in real-time that your app is breathing, what it’s doing when you’re out of the room, and how the babysitter is actually treating it.

With Swiftic’s advanced mobile analytics, provided free for all our mobile apps, you can measure your app's growth and progress, see how many people are downloading your app, and understand what app pages or content are most popular and engaging.

The insight that you gain with Swiftic’s analytics for mobile apps allow you to tweak your app’s functionality and content based on actual market feedback. And, since all Swiftic apps are fully customizable and automatically updatable, you can measure the positive or negative impact of changes you make on the fly.

With Swiftic’s analytics for mobile apps, you gain actionable business intelligence that drives constant improvement of your app. This strengthens your app’s performance, market position, and usage — and ultimately impacts your brand. Swiftic delivers the nurture your app needs to succeed — and you don’t even have to change diapers!