Mobile App Marketing

The Wind in Your App’s Sails

It is a beautiful day to be out on the water. The sun is shining, the sea is as calm as glass, and your large, well-equipped luxury yacht floats placidly. You are at peace, and all is well.

Now, you’re ready to head out to sea, seeking fortune and adventure. But what’s this? The day is utterly windless, and you’re out of fuel for your engine. Without wind, gas, or even a paddle on board — you’re just not going to move forward.

This is what happens if you don’t market your app after launch. You may have created something that everyone wants, with the potential to take you far in the world; but without effective and ongoing mobile app marketing, your app is dead in the water.

App Promotion: A Stiff Breeze on a Calm Day

Como understands the importance of effective mobile application promotion, and has created a whole suite of built-in tools to help you ensure that your app not only floats, but leaves competitors in its wake. For example, Como provides:

  • Mobile Website - For each app you create, you get a unique address that directs visitors to your app’s web page or mobile-friendly app page, depending on how they access the URL.
  • Redirect - Just copy and paste your redirect code into your website’s homepage, and when mobile users arrive at your site they’ll be offered the option to get redirected to your mobile-friendly app page, or continue browsing your PC site.
  • Social Media Marketing - Post on Facebook or tweet about your app, directly from the Como dashboard.
  • Advertising - Automatically generate banners in various formats and sizes, for use on any website.
  • QR Code - Generate a free QR code, which lets users download your app or go to your web-based app by simply scanning the code with their mobile phone camera.
  • Landing Page - Como generates a promotional landing page, which gives your web users an overview of your app with links to relevant markets and share tools.

Like yachting, mobile app promotion requires skill, experience, and the right tools for the job. With Como, you get all the tools you need for your app to make headway in the stormy waters of the mobile app marketplace.