App Store Submission: An Under-Appreciated Art

What artist is not convinced, deep down, that his or her work is truly worthy of inclusion in the world’s art consciousness? What painter hasn’t dreamed of his work gracing the walls of the Louvre, what composer hasn’t fantasized about hearing her masterpiece from the stage of Carnegie Hall?

App creation is a creative art, with its own prestigious galleries. The Apple App Store is the Louvre, the Google Play Store is the Met. And the app store guidelines for getting into these prominent galleries are, not surprisingly, strict.

So, even after you’ve invested your heart and soul in creating the ultimate app, there’s no guarantee that Google or Apple will accept it. In fact, Apple recently released a list of 119 reasons for not accepting apps to the App Store. Google doubtless has a similar list for Android app submission.

What Can I Do to Streamline the App Store Process?

There are so many reasons why apps are not accepted in the app store submission process that you have to wonder how apps do get in. However, like any complex job, Android app submission and iOS app submission can be significantly simplified using the right tools.

For example, instead of trying to memorize the 119 rules for app rejection from the Apple App Store, why not choose a tool (like Como) that automatically produces apps in complete conformance? This makes your app kind of like a newly discovered painting by Van Gogh – there’s no question as to whether the Louvre will accept it.

Como: Your Virtual Guide to App Store Submission

Como actually takes you by the virtual hand, and accompanies you throughout the app store process. It’s like having a tour guide in the vastness of the Louvre – you could eventually find your way around by yourself, but you’re more likely to see the Impressionist works you love with a guide.

For premium app owners, Como offers comprehensive assistance with the app submission process. This service leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best: making world-class apps.

Como helps ensure that the sweat of your virtual brow brings you the virtual glory you deserve. And you don’t even need to get oil paint on your artist’s smock!