Get Goodies – Use the Marketing Genie

Use the Como Marketing Genie to create online ads and receive goodies, such as free stickers and certificates.

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

Let’s get goodies! In this lesson we’ll use Como’s Marketing Genie to promote your app and start getting your very first users. If you go to your Como Dashboard, and click on Marketing Genie on the left side you’ll have two tabs: Storefront Goodies and Online Ads. If you do have a storefront, you can choose from a couple nice pre-made options that Como offers. And there are things like stickers and a certificate that you can use to promote your app.

The first thing I want you to do is go up to the little handcart here, click on that, and that will allow you to enter your name and mailing address and they will actually send you a sticker for your app that looks like this. Now you can edit one thing on this right now, it’s the name—the app name is Stone River Learning. And you can also download this app sticker right here. Down at the very bottom you’ve got Giveaway Stickers. So you can give stickers to people. Let’s preview this. And the stickers will look like this, so you can actually have this proudly displayed on your storefront, or slip it in the bag with your customers orders, anything that you can really think of to get this in front of your customers. So if we close this out, you’ll notice that we have both the preview and a download option, and you can download a printable version of this. If you have a nice color printer they actually come out looking quite nice.

You can also pull up a certificate from Como. So, once you’ve created your app and you’ve sent it off to some app stores that you want to promote your app, again display this somewhere in your store or you can slip it into your customers bag when they checkout. It just says, “Hey, we’ve got an app, and Como says it’s a really great app, so why don’t you scan this QR code and check it out”. So that’s the Storefront Goodies section.

Under Online Ads, the Marketing Genie allows you to connect with your Facebook account in order to bring in more customers. It’s super simple. All you need to do is click, Connect with Facebook, click, OK, to give Como the app permission’s it needs in Facebook. Then if you have multiple Facebook pages, like I do, you can choose the one that you want to use to manage your sponsored ads. Click, Continue.

Next, we can set up a paid ad directly through Como that will show up on Facebook, and start bringing in new app users and new customers immediately. Como makes this incredibly simple to do, so all we need to do is check the platforms that we want—so, IOS and Android users. So, we can choose IOS or just Android users or both. We can change our locations. We can have it be within 25 miles of your location or if you go over to the right side and there’s a drop-down arrow. You can choose up to 50 miles or you can get rid of this all together. If you just want this to be global, then go ahead and leave this blank, if you want to add simply a country, such as the United States or England. You can add that here. You can choose your age range, so it can be from 18 to 62 or 27 to 54, whatever you want to choose. You can choose either men, women, or both. And you can actually narrow this down by interest. If you’ve never run a Facebook ad before, the really interesting thing you can do with Facebook ads is really narrow down your demographics by age, gender, geographic location, types of devices they use, and above and beyond that, you can use the interests that people post on their Facebook pages in order to drill down to get to your perfect customer. So, if you’re a restaurant, you can start typing in interests, like: foodie—there we go. We’ve got foodie, foodies tv, foodietaste, healthy foodie, and a whole bunch of different options just under the term “foodie”. So just think about what your customers’ interests might be, and I can pretty much guarantee Facebook has that in here, and you can drill down to just reach those people.

So the last thing we need to do is schedule our paid ads. We can start that today or some future date. We can set an end date, or we can just simply choose the number of days. Once you’re done you put, Publish Ad. You need to enter your Customer Information at the top here, your credit card information from what you’re going to pay for your ad, your coupon code if you have one, and when you’re done you click, Pay Now.

Once you’ve clicked the Pay Now button, you’re done submitting your ad. Your ad will start on its scheduled run time, and you can handle everything about your ad from right within the Marketing Genie in the Online Ads tab. So from there you can change the timeframe of your ads, you can start new ads, and you’ll be able to track how many people have clicked on your ad, and how many app installs you’ve gotten from your ad.

Now that you know how easy it is to create a custom Facebook ad, right within the Como interface, why would you use a Facebook ad? Well, as we talked about earlier in this lesson, Facebook allows you to drill down to get your exact demographic, and market directly to only those people. So, when you’re spending money on Facebook, you’re not wasting money like you are on Google Ads Words. If you get a 15 year-old boy clicking on your ads in Google Ad Words or on Yahoo, and your key demographic is 45-54 year-old women, well you’ve just wasted that click, because that 15 year-old boy is not going to buy your product. With Facebook you can avoid that, and only spend money bringing in new customers that will have a really good chance of becoming lifelong customers and generating more value for your business in the long run. Being able to create and track your ads, right in the Como interface, is just super simple and keeps everything in one place, and makes it nice and easy to track how well you’re doing. So, why not give it a try?