Get Published on Apple – Create Your Apple ID

Continue the Apple app store submission by creating your Apple ID, your app description, and the required information Apple needs to process your app.

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Let’s continue getting published to the Apple app store! In this lesson we’re going to learn how to create our app ID. When you go to the Publish to App Store section in Como, which is under To Market, the IOS tab, and then click on to Step 3, you’ll see that you have a couple of things here. You’ve got a description and a bundle identifier. We’re going to need these. So, I’m going to first copy my description. I’m going to click this link, making sure that I’m signed in already to my Apple developer account. Now you see here that we have, Registering an App ID. The first thing we need to do is paste in our App ID Description, then we need to go back and grab our bundle identifier, come down here and under Explicit App ID and Bundle ID, we want to paste that in. We need to make sure that Push Notifications are checked. Then we’ll click, Continue.

Now you see we have everything enabled that we chose to be enabled on the last screen. Next, we’ll click, Submit. Scroll down to the bottom and click, Done. Next, you’ll come to a screen that shows your app. If you have more than one app they will all be listed here. Let’s click on our app. We’ll scroll all the way down to the bottom and click, Edit. Here you see you can enable services, so if you ever need to enable a different service that you didn’t enable in the beginning, you can do that here. Let’s scroll all the way down to the bottom. At the bottom we’ll need to grab our .CSR file that we downloaded while creating our Distribution Certificate, and under Production SSL Certificate you want to click, Create Certificate. Click, Continue. Upload the .CSR file that we downloaded earlier. Click the Generate button.

Next, we want to download our certificate so we can upload that to Como. So, this will be a .CER file. When we go back to Como at the bottom of Step 3, we’ll see an area to Upload File. So, we’ll find our .CER file and we’ll upload it there. We’ll go back to our Apple Developer Console and click, Done, and we’re set to go. We can go back to Como and click on Get Started, and that will take us to the next step.

In the next step we’re going to create an app store build for the Apple app store.